"Live for the Moments you can't put into Words"

We Capture Moments 

 The euphoria of stepping into marital bliss is a spectrum of emotions, experienced in a frenzy of activities on a wedding day. It starts with the exuberance and anticipation for the excitement that lies ahead. The ceremonies are cherished by our god given senses; the smell of mehndi, haldi & marigold, the euphonic clamor of excited chatter coupled with melody of song and music and the heartwarming sincerity of feelings emoted by loved ones. Amid it all, is the coming together of two families, banded by love, hope and joy.
The artists at 35mmstories strive to capture the essence and beauty of your “most perfect day” on frame, immortalising them for all generations. Having a key focus on ‘quality of click’ coupled with the technical dexterity honed by years of experience, we at 35mmstories offer the window to relive your “perfect day” on any day of your perfect life. 

Shreya //Suhail

Destiny that made a Maharashtrian guy with Muslim faith, fall in love with a telugu girl of Hindu faith. Its love in the air of Canada, that made these two MBA graduates believe in each others values & emotions

Gosh swear it, people like us 

Shreya & Suhail, Canada

You Made our day!

Really loved the film. It was very well thought out and like justice was given to both sides and customs. During lunch, my whole family was appreciating of how the team was always smiling and had wonderful energy. So great job guys!

Avika & Jaideep, Seattle

You all did such a great job capturing so many special moments, very grateful for the same. The  film, i replayed it again (list the count) and have to tell you the sound work is outstanding. And , how you all lined up some moments to be aligned what's playing is amazing!

Alert: I will keep sending compliments.so mute the group if you are not into it ;)

Aakriti & Dhruv, Delhi

Thank you team 35mm, awesome work and really proactive team. You guys were really patient specially with me...Cheers and a big HUG and Thanks from us