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Shreya + Suhail

 "Two States,Two Faiths & One Love"

Love reaches for you beyond boundaries.

Shreya wears her saffron while Suhail finds peace in the evening Azaan. But love happened and they decided ‘together’ is the only place they wanted to be. And another ‘2 states’ story began. From being smitten over each other from the very first sight and getting hitched after 4 years, these two MBA graduates finally got their “married” graduation. This Telugu girl and Maharashtrian boy met in the foreign land of Canada at Schulich and it was love at first sight.


While Suhail is charismatic and has an amazing personality & calmness, Shreya is high spirited and shares a very deep bond with her family.


Both has 2 different faiths, but they never made that a barrier in the path of accepting each other & letting love happen.

“Kagazon ki kashtiyon ka kahi kinara hota nahi” – Gulzar

The two vulnerable young souls just floated in the ocean of love, and never settled for the shores.

They got married at Mahabalipuram, and we were blessed to be a part of this emotional journey. It seemed like even the Bay of Bengal blushed over their chemistry. From Nikah to Hindu wedding and sharing of vows, Shreya and Sohail floated on their boat in the ocean of love.

After meeting their parents, we knew exactly where Shreya and Sohail got their huge hearts from! Their loving nature and hospitality made us feel like a part of their family and tied us closely to this process of union of two hearts, two families, two states, two religions and one deepening ocean of love. We were provided with space to shoot and to be frank at one point it felt like our own family affair. 

A story like Shreya and Sohail makes us believe a little more in love.