Frequently asked questions

What are the common deliverables that we can expect as part of the package?

We deliver two different wedding films and all digital photographs. All films and photos are delivered on a 1 or 2 Terabyte Thunderbolt drive provided to us by the client. The three versions of films include - 1) Full wedding Films (FF) - A 30-35 minute version of the best moments of your wedding blended with your story as narrated by you and your loved ones. 3) A Wedding minute trailer (TR) - A 3-5-minute teaser film that you may release on social networking sites for your friends and family to see, reminisce and cherish. The deliverables can be customised as per request.

What is the typical team strength that will be travelling to cover my wedding? Will a reduction in crew affect the cost?

It all depends upon the size and type of the wedding. Though we have a fantastic team of fifteen. We wouldn't compromise on production value so you can trust our instinct on how many people you would need.

Can we also have additional photographers / videographers along with 35mmstories?

We absolutely do not recommend it. Apart from being uneconomical, it may obstruct and tamper with our work. The advantage of a single team is that we will get clean, unobstructed visual frames without badly dressed / behaved local photographers jumping into our frames and ruining the film moments.

We want only our choice of music for every event in the film – Is that possible?

We have always encouraged our couples to send in their choice of songs for the highlight films as per the respective functions but have realised with increasing frequency that with the tremendous variety and range of music, we have received inappropriately different kind of songs that dont suit the sensibility of the edit at all. Selecting film music is complicated. We need the right tracks with the perfect highs and lows so we can create a story line and seamlessly blend the audios into the music track. Very few tracks come close to that perfection here and its difficult to explain why a track works for the edit. Its in this respect we sometimes wish we had a free hand in selecting your songs. However, we do understand that you want to be involved in the selection and be sure that you like the tracks and their feel. We do understand that you may have an all time favourite song and will try our best to include the song but please understand that if we say no to the song its just because we dont want your film to be spoilt on account of a wrong song.

Which all locations does 35mmstories team travel to cover weddings?

Across all locations !!! All over the world in fact, but you'll have to get us there and give us a place to sleep! However if you keep checking our Facebook page, you'll be able to track us across the globe! We could be in your country when your big day is near!

Can you prepare a coffee table book or albums of the photographs?

Yes, on request. Album is custom designed to suit your requirements. Each page of album is 12 inches by 12 inches in measurement. The cost of the album varies depending on the quality and brand of printing.