Darpana + Arnav

"A Love Story ofAssam"

It all started with a swipe right and 'Hi', and two strangers found each other at the right chord of love.

As millennial it could get, Arnav & Darpana met over dating apps in the quest for their soul mates.

One liner texts gradually turned into deep conversations, and soon they were sure that they wanted to put the touch of reality into this virtual match. The play of destiny is very interesting. Both are from Assam, but they meet over dating apps and both of them realized that "This is it. This is who I get married to".

We were surprised when we got to know that Arnav brought his dog while proposing Darpana. And this double smitten proposal had Darpana in awe and she said "Yes!"
Shooting their wedding at Assam was a very difficult and delightful experience for us. The cultural diversity, the different rituals and traditions made us feel a grateful about all the permutation and combination of possibilities that led us to have them as our clients.
And at the end of the wedding, we knew that they weren't just clients, but more than that !!