Dhruv aakriti Engagement-3288.jpg

Aakriti  + Dhruv

"Guided by Father, led by Destiny"

What you seek is seeking you"- Rumi, The Poet

We are often guided by divine connections that are beyond the grasp of science, but explainable only in terms of love.


We met one such bridegroom, Dhruv who has always felt that his Guardian angle was his father, and has never stopped guiding him & his family, even after his demise when Dhruv was just a teenager.

Likewise, Aakriti has always been the dad's girl. Both Dhruv and Aakriti share the same trait of being extremely close to their families and are the support systems for the family members.

Met in college, and Dhruv's heart skipped a beat almost instantly. The vulnerable heart of 20s just couldn't hold itself and it just fell for her. Love is the most pure emotion and it uplifted him.
For Aakriti, he was just the topper of the batch who would keep studying always. But in the process of exchanging notes, they became comfortable with each other and ironically studies is what brought them closer and the last piece of the puzzle just fit right!

We never anticipated that we would have this ridiculous amount of joy while shooting their wedding !!
Starting from Haldi to Bidaai, we couldn't keep track of the time.

To be honest, Dhruv is the life of a party. A party never starts without him.

While for Aakriti's friends, she is that one person in a group who is always up for helping you, supporting and encouraging you at any time of the day.
Their wedding literally reminded us of Aditi's wedding as in ‘Yeh Jawaani Hain Dewaani’ film;  a rollercoaster of emotions.

This wedding will always be memorable and we wish them a very happy married life.